Charley Pollard
Charley Pollard
Artist | Connector | Dedicated

Charley Pollard

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

An artist at heart, Charley Pollard joins the Armida Rose team with a vibrancy and enthusiasm for real estate fueled by her passion and appreciation of history and architecture.

Charley grew up with strong family values with both of her parents having a strong impact and contribution to the values she holds today. Her mother’s commitment to her four daughters was exemplified through her continued support in their endeavors and the value of discipline. While her father, an architect contributed and conveyed the impression of timeless architecture. Charley loved hearing the stories steeped in history that accompanied her travel and tours of many buildings with her father. She especially appreciated the stories surrounded by the culture, creativity and construction that made these buildings what they are and their long- lasting impact within communities.

After receiving her Bachelor of Science in Real Estate Development degree through Price School of Public Policy at the University of Southern California, she knew that she was more interested in the dynamic part of the industry. Creating business development packages, while learning the history and character of architecture was fascinating and how buildings were constructed. She learned that experiencing the 3D component and seeing the physical structures of architecture built were more intriguing than the mechanics and details to build and implement the structures.

Charley also works with her family business, alongside her father as the operations and event manager. She also has the privilege to see the development arm as her dad includes her as part of his development team, enabling her to experience in real time the many facets that are comprised and needed in order to move a vision forward and create a community that supports growth and redevelopment.

A natural people person and bringing them together, Charley merges her desire in building relationships within communities and her passion for the real estate industry. She is looking forward to these endeavors whether it is working with investors in locating the ideal investment opportunity or helping with concepts surrounding the development of vacant land, or within the residential realm of buying or selling their homes.

Charley has always been drawn to art and one of her favorite hobbies is expressing her love for drawing through her custom shoe art, where she brings the stories and passions of her clients to life on sneakers. She loves working out and a being a member of the community to support charitable endeavors with her family.